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Brain-wave analyzing Neurocam only records if you're interested

Posted in Science on 1st Nov, 2013 12:44 AM by AlexMuller

Smartphones have already simplified the task of taking high quality, quickly shareable pictures in a convenient package, but sadly, you still have to press a button to take a picture.


Now, hands-free loving Japanese folk have come up with a wearable, headset like contraption called the Neurocam that analyzes brain waves to take pictures and video for you.

Using a proprietary brain-wave quantifying algorithm similar to those used in the Necomimi cat ears, the Neurocam only captures things that seem to interest you. By measuring the wearer's interest level from a scale of 1-100, all shown in real-time on an attached iPhone, Neurocam's bio-sensors start to kick into high gear at a score of 60.
The high score numeral then turns red on the phone screen and activates the iPhone camera to record a five-second gif of the subject automatically. The gifs are then stored in your iPhone's camera roll. It's probably not a good idea to wear the camera during speed dating or shopping though — you'd probably end up with way too many unnecessary gifs. Not to mention, you'll look ridiculous.
Neurocam is currently just a prototype, though the creators aim to link their emotion-based software with a variety of devices and services. For example, wearing the Neurocam during shopping might actually prove to be a useful tool to retailers in gauging consumer interest for future products. Neurocam is also GPS-enabled, so urban development may benefit from measuring visitor interest in a certain area.

Tags: BrainNeurocamBrain wavecamera

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Author: Guest
Posted: 2013-11-01
Very interesting and so cool! Reply
Author: Guest
Posted: 2013-11-01
Improvement compared to indiscriminate recording Reply
Author: Guest
Posted: 2013-11-01
Will this device ever be more than just a curios prototype? Reply
Author: Guest
Posted: 2015-02-18
Panorama Longchamp à Marseille (13004) - Achat immobilier - Icade Immobilier Neuf Reply
Author: Guest
Posted: 2016-12-26
I can already tell that's gonna be super helufpl. Reply


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